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is a software solution designed to efficiently manage and automate the process of welcoming and monitoring visitors. By leveraging advanced technology, a VMS portal enables streamlined tracking, recording, and monitoring of visitor information in a secure and organized manner. This not only reduces security and compliance risks but also enhances the brand image of organizations.

Implementing a VMS portal helps organizations reduce security and compliance risks while enhancing their brand image. The system includes user-friendly check-in kiosks and offers features such as package management, providing a secure and seamless experience for all visitors, from invitation to departure.

Key Features of a VMS, Visitor Management System

  1. Contactless Self-Check-In: QR code-based solution for visitors, ensuring a seamless and secure check-in process.
  2. Visitor Analytics: User-friendly tool providing real-time statistics and insights into visitor behavior, aiding businesses in optimizing performance.
  3. Authorization System: Centralized access control solution to verify user permissions and ensure compliance with security policies.
  4. Exit Notes Form: Official notification, either in printed or electronic format, confirming the completion of the clearance procedure.
  5. Live Visitor Table: Convenient display of current visitor presence, including entry time, purpose of visit, and meeting details.
  6. Integrated Staff List (from TrackHr): Automatic synchronization of organizational hierarchy, enabling seamless integration and staff notifications.

By utilizing a VMS, organizations can improve visitor management efficiency, enhance security measures, and maintain regulatory compliance. The centralized database of visitor information enables easy tracking and monitoring of visitor activity within the premises.


Benefits of Implementing a VMS, Visitor Management System

Enhanced Security

Control and monitor visitor access, track movements, and enforce access control policies, ensuring a secure environment.


Improved Efficiency

Streamline check-in processes, reduce wait times, and automate registration for a smooth visitor experience.


Compliance Management

Maintain visitor records, generate audit trails, and ensure data protection and privacy compliance.


Professional Image

Showcase commitment to security and professionalism with streamlined procedures and personalized visitor badges.

Emergency Preparedness

Real-time visibility of visitors for efficient accounting and ensuring safety during emergency situations.


Data Analytics and Insights

Capture valuable visitor data for informed decision-making, resource optimization, and improving operational efficiency.

Enhanced Visitor Experience

Streamline check-in procedures, reduce wait times, and provide personalized visitor badges for a positive impression.

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