Who We Are


Hex is a Complete technology Solution Provider for controling & optimizing all business operations in any growing MSME. Established in the year 2006 by Mr. Deep Dua aiming to utilize the latest technologies for creation of  systems to provide ease over managing & controlling the business.


We are profit-driven

We value performance over procedure, setting measurable goals and working collaboratively to achieve the results we seek.


We are professional

We are honest professionals who understand the importance of knowing our business, exceeding expectations and avoiding politics along the way.


We are innovative

We understand the importance of innovation in meeting the changing needs of our customers, and that opportunities must be nurtured and developed quickly.

We are engaged

Our spirited energy and engagement are evident in our commitment to our work, passion for what we do, and the speed by which we achieve it.

We are customer-focused

We know our customers’ success is paramount to our own and is based on our ability to talk openly and set clear targets to meet their needs.


We are entrepreneurial

We are not afraid to try new things and leverage our decentralised structure to make speedy decisions, take calculated risks and find new opportunities.

Hex Works around 5Ms of Management


An enterprise for Customised Hardware and Software Projects

The five M’s of management are analyzed below:

1. Money: Money is the most critical and all purpose resource.  In organization , money is employed to generate more money in the form of profits or surplus.

2. Manpower : Manpower refers to the managerial and non- managerial personal employee. Therefore ,human resources mobilize, allocate & utilize the physical and financial resources.

3. Materials : Materials represent the physical raw materials and intermediate products (semi-finished goods ) which are converted and/or assembled into finished products.

4. Machinery: Machines are the equipment used to process the materials into finished or semi-finished products. Employment of modern machinery helps to reduce costs and to improve the quality of output.

5. Mother Earth(External Environment): Every factor that is external to the company but also affects the Company. like Customers Visitors, Govt. organization and policies etc.

Why prefer us

  • • Integrated platform for every area of a business.
  • • Best in customer service
  • • Low implementation time.
  • • Expertise in an-boarding and training process.
  • • Latest technologies serving every MSME needs.
  • • Subscription based pricing model.
  • • Value for money solutions
  • • Paving the way for A.I based decision making.