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Hex enables worldwide endeavors to work all the more productively and successfully, increase upper hand, help gainfulness, and augment business and investor esteem. Consistently, everywhere throughout the world, Hex helps execution driven endeavors understand their key, operational and money related goals.


We are profit-driven

We value performance over procedure, setting measurable goals and working collaboratively to achieve the results we seek.


We are professional

We are honest professionals who understand the importance of knowing our business, exceeding expectations and avoiding politics along the way.


We are innovative

We understand the importance of innovation in meeting the changing needs of our customers, and that opportunities must be nurtured and developed quickly.

We are engaged

Our spirited energy and engagement are evident in our commitment to our work, passion for what we do, and the speed by which we achieve it.

We are customer-focused

We know our customers’ success is paramount to our own and is based on our ability to talk openly and set clear targets to meet their needs.


We are entrepreneurial

We are not afraid to try new things and leverage our decentralised structure to make speedy decisions, take calculated risks and find new opportunities.

Hex Business Software Solutions


An enterprise for Customised Hardware and Software Projects

Hex Business Software Solution was founded by Mr. Deep Dua , Graduated from YMCA Engineering College , in electronics engineering. He initially worked for Automation of Hindone Airbase Air Traffic Control Department.After job , he started working for one of his alumni of college , an industrialist , provisioning computer hardware & maintenance to cater to their requirements of upcoming need of automation.During this automation phase, an opportunity came up to design software to replace some of the conventional manual processes employed by the manufacturing industries.

Hex BSS founded in 2006 and product EMS was offered as its first commercial product to the market.Studying the various processes involved and designing automated flows to suit the users, majorly unskilled as computers an inaccessible and advanced tech at the time.The initial industrial planning software was developed with Sales , Purchase & Invoicing modules only.Its successful integration in an industry and positive responses, led to studying even more areas and processes for automations and pursuing this as a business.


From SMEs to huge scale ventures, we are a top pick with regards to the top rundown of cloud ERP sellers in India.


Scale up and embrace to developing plans of action. Indeed, the adaptability of our business programming arrangements enables you to do it all in a simple and consistent way.


Constant access to keen examination is the USP of our business programming arrangements. Helping organizations influence the intensity of business knowledge.


Prepared to send and altered business programming answers for help organizations in India stay aware of the advanced transformation.



Investigate our business the executives answers for little and medium-sized business


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