Who We Are?

Hex is a Complete technology Solution Provider for controlling & optimizing all business operations in any growing MSME. Established in the year 2006 by Mr. Deep Dua aiming to utilize the latest technologies for creation of  systems to provide ease over managing & controlling the business.

We are profit-driven

Our priority is profitability and success, emphasising performance over rigid procedures. We promote collaboration to achieve measurable objectives together.

We are professional

We are a dedicated and talented group who value expertise in our field. Our focus is on exceeding expectations and steering clear of political dynamics.

We are innovative

 We recognize the importance of innovation in meeting the changing needs of our customers. We understand that seizing opportunities requires quick nurturing and development.

We are engaged

We are dedicated, passionate, and efficient in our work, accomplishing tasks with remarkable speed.

We are customer-focused

Customer success is our priority. We emphasise open communication and set clear targets to meet their needs effectively.

We are entrepreneurial

We fearlessly explore new possibilities, make prompt decisions, and take calculated risks to discover fresh opportunities.


5M's of business management


refers to the managerial and non managerial personnel employed in organization.



is the most critical and all purpose resource because it is used to acquire or hire other resources


represents the physical raw material and intermediate product which are converted into finished products



are the equipment used in the process the martials into finished or semi-finished products

mother earth


are the factors outside the organization that influence the business.

Why Prefer Us?

Comprehensive platform covering all aspects of a business.

Outstanding customer service.

Quick implementation time.

Expertise in onboarding and training processes.

Cutting-edge technologies tailored to meet the needs of every MSME.

Subscription-based pricing model.

A Portion Of Our Clientele