Shop Floor Management

Is a software solution offered by Hex


is designed to effectively track, streamline, and report the progress of work within a manufacturing unit. The shop floor serves as the operational space where design specifications are referenced, machinery and manufacturing equipment are utilised for production, and parts are assembled or raw materials are processed. Its primary responsibility is to facilitate the production of intermediate or final products. The SFM software system enhances efficiency and visibility in managing shop floor operations.

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The Power and Future of SFM

SFM empowers users with real-time information, accessible even while on the move. This enables quick decision-making and better control over shop floor operations by providing up-to-date data.

SFM offers flexibility in adapting to changing manufacturing needs and processes. It allows for customization and scalability, ensuring that the software can accommodate evolving requirements and support the growth of the manufacturing unit.

With SFM, traceability becomes achievable and efficient. It enables the tracking and recording of each step in the manufacturing process, ensuring transparency and accountability. This traceability feature helps in quality control, compliance, and addressing any issues or concerns that may arise.

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Flow of SFM

SFM operates through various modules that facilitate efficient shop floor management. Here are some highlighted SFM modules

Machine Master

This module manages the details and configurations of machines used in the manufacturing process. It includes information such as machine specifications, maintenance schedules, and performance metrics.

Consumable Master

The Consumable Master module focuses on tracking and managing consumable items required during production. It includes details of consumable inventory, procurement, and usage to ensure adequate availability and efficient utilisation.

WIP Rejection Decision

The WIP (Work in Progress) Rejection Decision module helps in decision-making regarding the rejection of work-in-progress items during the manufacturing process. It analyses quality parameters and provides insights to determine whether a product should be rejected or reworked.

IMIR (Incoming Material Inspection Report)

The IMIR module deals with the inspection and assessment of incoming materials used in production. It captures and documents the inspection results, ensuring that the quality of materials meets the required standards before being utilised in the manufacturing process.

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