HAWKEYE (An Industrial IoT Product)

Hawkeye is an AI-based IIoT product that uses multiple platforms to monitors and helps in improving production efficiencies by determining bottlenecks, planning & managing assets more accurately. It empowers your industry with real-time machine connectivity, Visual dashboards, and alerts, AI-assisted analysis,  improvement suggestions, systems to enforce and sustain the improvement.

Digitalizing Your Shop Floor

IIOT based Machine Display Unit connects and integrates the machine to the Hawkeye platform within minutes, supporting plug and play Wi-Fi connectivity.

Managing assets on a single Hawkeye Platform – adding Machines operators, supervisors, material, etc. Connecting together all respective departments and teams using mobile devices and Andon systems

Broadcasting and displaying real-time information and documents using hawkeye platform Like part drawings, process flow diagrams, job asset allocations, etc.

Enabling Remote monitoring of the shop floor, from anywhere in the world in real-time,over mobile platform using cloud technology

Focus On Your Utilization

Automating the production data logging and reporting with accuracies, avoiding inconsistencies, showing the real picture of the whole shop floor.Ease of monitoring various asset utilisations of man, machine and material on a single integrated platform

Instant downtime alerts and reasons, enables immediate and informed rectification before valuable time is lost.

Revealing hidden capacities of the shop floor, based on complex calculations of Overall Equipment Effectiveness and following the TPM standards

Evaluating actual costs incurred based on utilization patterns and hidden wastages, revealing the real cost of operations.

Digitalizing your shop floor

Minimize Communication Gaps

On Machine Distress call mechanism significantly reduces the communication delays and resolution time by directly notifying concerned department.

MDU enforces critical tasks like distresses and inspections to be addressed physically at the location itself, using QR Codes, avoiding misinformation and resolution delays, following GEMBA methodology.

Automated quality inspection alerts, based on inspection plan and live production floor data, providing real-time rejection data and yield on every machine.

Hawkeye Andon gives real time information about the status of the processes on shop floor and back offices wirelessly, allows the staff to be instantly notified of any issues or deviations, enabling faster and better decision making.

Automated Preventive Maintenance alerts personnel in the back office as well as directly on the shop floor, as soon as the planned criteria are triggered.

Instantaneously updating any change in the critical information from the back office directly to on the shop floor, with just a click. (Critical Inspection Parameters , Process Flow/Line Diagrams, maintenance plans , Inspections routines , Production/machine production plan)

Sustainable Continuous Improvement

Enforcing by highlighting the current performance gaps and inefficiencies with the help of graphical interface and target lines.

Targeting OEE improvements in comparison with Industry World Class Standards of OEE.

Hawkeye system enforces the tracking and addressing of efficiency wastages, unplanned downtime, quality rejections, etc. and their root causes analysis, by monitoring major factors and response teams

Forecasting impacts of improvements based on time and cost analysis charts, displaying trends by the hour, shift, day, and month.

Tracking and analyzing Individual and Team KPIs on a real-time basis, implementing improvement, and enforcing constructive competition by comparison.

Promoting sustainable development by implementing incentive programs to identify high performing assets based on real-time performance metrics.

Key Benefits

  • Accountability
  • Communication Gap & Delays will reduce
  • Performance accuracies & monitoring of team & individual
  • Sustainable process optimization & monitoring

  • Improve manufacturing efficiency
  • Reduce production waste for increased profits.
  • Gain Real-time shop floor visibility
  • Alerts Shop-floor workers with instant notifications
  • Improve operator engagement and overall company communication.

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