Industry 4.O

Industry 4.0 is disrupting the manufacturing on multiple fronts – from production throughput, maintenance and quality, to supply chain and inventory management.This disruption is significantly changing the mindset of the current industrial ecosystem, by the use of Industrial IOT and automation in the processes and systems has ushered a favorable transformation in the world of manufacturing.Hawkeye is the perfect intersection of Industry 4.0 with the Industrial IOT, bringing to life, real time automation and management across various fronts.

Total productive maintenance 4.0

TPM proposes an 8-pillar approach that aims to cover every possible aspect of maintenance in the industrial manufacturing setting.These Pillars aim to eliminate the Six Big Losses. 

With the emergence of Industry 4.0, this approach can be taken even further:

PredictiveMaintenance: by the means of Machine Learning implementing ‘Just in Time’ maintenance approach

PredictiveQuality: real time data and Machine Learning help in performing focused Root Cause Analysis.

ProcessOptimization: maximizing production throughput by leveraging machine learning to prevent process disturbances

RemoteMonitoring:get visibility into theequipment performance and actionable insights to maximize OEE

Hawkeye the perfect iot solution

Hawkeye automates the whole production floor, utilizing the techniques of Industry 4.0 & TPM 4.0.

Key benefits of Hawkeye are:

  1. Know your Plants OEE on real time basis.
  2. Provides you helpful insights, to enhance plant capacity by process optimization and removal of bottlenecks.
  3. Real Time Alerts on every deviation from planned targets.
  4. Standardizing your Plant Quality and Performance
Hawkeye product description

All the three sections are connected to each other and the main server wirelessly.Each section serves its purpose and together implement a True Industry 4.0 infrastructure.


Machine Display Unit

Hawkeye M.D.U. IOT based monitoring device collecting machine data on real time basis accurately and completely.

Compliant with Power Presses, CNCs, VMCs, Robotic arms and Welding Kits.WiFi based MDU connects to the main server in a hassle free manner.

MDU’s design enables easy installation and maintenance

On Screen Parameters Include:

  • Live Stroke and SPM Count of each machine
  • Target and Remaining Quantity
  • Process and Part Name/No.
  • Operator Photo and Name
  • MDU Parameters (Battery, Server Connectivity)
  • Currents Machine Status (Stopped/in Prod)
Android Mobile App

Hawkeye android app notifies the users like supervisors, quality persons on production start/end and any machine stoppages/failures.

The Mobile App enables the user to feed in the required parameters and also monitor’s the shop floor anywhere, on their smartphones anytime.

Various Flows of Mobile App include:

  • Target Quantity Screen – on Prod Start
  • Stoppage reason Screen – Every unplanned Stoppage
  • Produced/Rejected Quantity Screen – After Prod ends/shift change.
Hawkeye control center

Hawkeye Control Center, consists of all the various reports enabling the user to view the live working statistics of the whole industry.

The control center consists of the following blocks:

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

 OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) is a “best practices” metric for monitoring and improving the efficiency of your manufacturing processes which helps you determine gap by analyze condition and indicates where performance can be improved.

OEE is calculated from three factors: Availability, Performance, and Quality. Each of these factors represents a different perspective of how close your manufacturing process is to perfect production.

Machine Timeline

Timeline is one of the most important tools that demonstrably helps to increase OEE. It is a graphical form for transparency of the production state i.e. real time OEE. This function compares the real state of the running machine with a discipline of the operators and setters. It effectively displays the actual production vs manually entered information.

Reasons Chart

Major losses that wreak havoc on any industry are generally grouped into what we called the Six Big Losses of TPM. Using Machine Learning Algorithms inbuilt in Hawkeye helps in better visualization of these losses on real time at single platform.


  • Slow Cycles (Under Performance of Tools)


  • M/C,Tool &Product-wise Rejection Ratios
  • Rejection Reasons Charts


  • KPI’S
  • Production Life Cycle
  • Yield Ration and Timeline


  • M/c & Tool , Maintenance Alerts
  • Plant Maintenance Calendar


  • Product Wise RM Consumption