Quality Management

Quality management ensures that an organization, product, or service maintains consistency in its performance and meets customer expectations. It comprises four key components: quality planning, quality assurance, quality control, and quality improvement. Quality management is not only concerned with the final product or service quality but also with the processes used to achieve it. It encompasses quality assurance and control measures implemented in both processes and products to achieve consistent and satisfactory quality levels. The definition of quality is determined by what the customer desires and is willing to pay for, making it a commitment to deliver a known or unknown customer satisfaction in the market.

Module Highlights

Reports Generated by this Module

This report provides details of inspections conducted during the production process to ensure quality control at various stages.

These reports summarize the results of the final inspection conducted on finished products before they are released for distribution or sale.

This report captures and records customer complaints related to product quality and helps in tracking and addressing them.

This report verifies and records the acceptance of goods received from suppliers based on quality criteria.

This report provides information on the inspection of incoming materials or components to ensure their quality meets the required standards.

This report details the inspection conducted before dispatching goods to customers to ensure their quality and adherence to specifications.

This report lists the contents of each shipment, including details of the products packed, to ensure accuracy and quality in packaging.

This report presents the results of the final inspection performed on finished products, confirming their quality and compliance with standards.

This report analyzes and categorizes the reasons for product rejections or non-conformance, providing insights for quality improvement initiatives.

This report assesses and rates the quality performance of products or services based on customer feedback and satisfaction.

This report evaluates and rates the quality performance of suppliers based on their adherence to quality standards and the reliability of their products or materials.

This report tracks the trend of rejections or non-conformance for specific parts or components and identifies any recurring issues or patterns.

This report analyzes the trend of rejection reasons for specific parts or components, helping identify areas for improvement and corrective actions.

This report provides a summary of the overall quality performance and metrics, including key indicators, trends, and areas of focus for quality management.

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