Inventory Management

The Inventory Management Module (IMM) is a system used to track and manage inventory levels, orders, sales, and dispatches. It is particularly useful in manufacturing industries where it facilitates the creation of job orders, bill of materials (BOM), and other production-related documents. Every company utilizes an inventory management mechanism to prevent excess stock of products and efficiently organize inventory-related data.

With the Inventory Management Module, it becomes effortless to track the stock of items. Each item can be defined by a unique part number, enabling easy monitoring and tracing of its current location within the organization.

Module Highlights

Reports Generated by this Module

This report provides an overview of the current stock levels for both incoming inventory and finished products, allowing for better visibility and control over inventory.

This report displays the quantity of each item currently available in stock, providing real-time information on the inventory levels.

This report calculates the value of the stock held in stores based on the chosen valuation method, such as average cost, FIFO, or LIFO.

This report outlines the predefined minimum and maximum stock levels for each part and product, helping in inventory planning and ensuring optimal stock levels.

This report provides visual indicators or alerts for items that have reached or fallen below the minimum or maximum stock levels, enabling timely replenishment or action to be taken.

This report documents the return of goods to the inventory due to various reasons such as damage, defects, or excess quantities.

This report tracks the return of products from customers, allowing for proper recording, analysis, and management of sales returns.

This report presents detailed information on the stock levels, quantities, and locations within the stores, providing a comprehensive view of the inventory stored in different areas or sections.

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