Human Resource

The Human Resource Module facilitates efficient management of human resources within an organization. It streamlines various HR processes and helps in the effective management of human capital. This module maintains a comprehensive employee database, including essential details such as contact information, salary records, attendance, and performance evaluations.

Module Highlights

Reports Generated by this Module

This report tracks employee attendance, including hours worked, late arrivals, and absences.

This report tracks employee leave, including sick leave, vacation leave, and personal leave.

This report summarizes employee earnings, deductions, and net pay.

This report evaluates employee performance against pre-defined goals and objectives.

This report tracks employee training, including courses taken, certifications earned, and skills acquired.

This report tracks the recruitment process, including job postings, applications received, and interviews conducted.

This report tracks employee turnover, including reasons for leaving the organization.

This report compares employee salaries and benefits to industry standards.

This report tracks the diversity of the workforce, including gender, race, ethnicity, and age.

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