Reflective writing. Get all you need to remain on top of uni this program – all in one single place!

Reflective writing. Get all you need to remain on top of uni this program – all in one single place!

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  • Reflective writing must be both descriptive, and analytical.
  • Too explaining exactly what occurred, it’s also wise to describe aspects such as for example:
    • the way you believed about any of it,
    • the reason why you imagine it just happened in that way, and
    • exactly just exactly what might have been done differently.

Structuring your writing

You structure your writing if you haven’t been given a structure to follow, the frameworks described below can help.

Exactly just What? What exactly? So what now?

Adjusted from: Rolfe, G., Freshwater, D., Jasper, M. (2001). Vital expression in medical in addition to professions that are helping a user’s guide. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

just What took place? Describe the experience with information, including:

  • whenever, where, exactly just how and exactly why it simply happened;
  • who was simply included;
  • How it affected each of the social individuals included.

Half-way through

team task, it became obvious that there have been powerful distinctions of viewpoint about how precisely better to finish the task. We additionally realised that individuals hadn’t agreed upon company deadlines for team users to accomplish the areas of the project. Into the end, we failed to get the maximum amount of finished as we’d initially planned.

What exactly?

So what does it indicate? Describe why this knowledge had been considerable. This often calls for feedback off their individuals, or mention of the analysis or concepts which help put the scenario in framework.

We today acknowledge a number of the important dynamics that donate to the prosperity of a task, including goal environment, preparation, time administration and formative comments. As Jones (2018) describes, setting a demonstrably defined goal is the most essential element of any task, because it enables you to accurately determine just how effectively you’ve attained your targets.

So what now?

Just just exactly How can it alter that which you do in the future? Describe what you intend to alter because of this knowledge together with expression you’ve done, or what you should do differently in cases where a comparable circumstance had been to happen once more later on.

Because of my knowledge with this task, i will be today in a position to use helpful resources and methods to perform targets that are specific. In certain, i am going to utilize the SMART objective method in almost any future tasks to make sure that i’ve a definite concept by what i do want to attain and just how We intend to attain it.

The Gibbs Reflective Model

Adjusted from: Gibbs G. (1988). Discovering by Performing: helpful tips to training and mastering practices. More Education Device. Oxford Polytechnic: Oxford


Just who else had been involved?

Exactly exactly just What do you do?

Just just just What performed other folks do?

The thing that was the end result?


Just just exactly What had been you experiencing throughout the circumstance?

Just just What you think other individuals were experiencing about the circumstance?

How can you feel concerning the circumstance today?


Just just What didn’t get well?

Just just exactly What good or things that are negative you (or any other individuals) donate to the problem?


The reason Why did (or didn’t) things get really?

Exactly just just What concepts or analysis can assist you better comprehend the scenario?


Just exactly What do you study on this example?

If this example took place once more, exactly exactly what can you do differently?

Action Arrange

just just What abilities should you develop to manage a scenario such as this better?

Exactly exactly just How do you want to develop the relevant skills you require?

Sample Reflective Writing Task

Retelling ( Exactly Exactly Just What?)

Within our group work project, two of us did a lot of the work in addition to various various various other two pupils barely performed some of the work.

The 2 of us just who did the majority of the ongoing work emerged with all the current some ideas ourselves, and also decided who be in charge of which areas. My pal, that has additionally done plenty of focus on this project, wasn’t comfortable confronting all of all of them that i was going to complain about them to the teacher.After I sent the email to the two students, one of them responded angrily, saying that me and my friend had taken control of the project and had not allowed the other two to get involved in any of the decision making about it, so I emailed the other two group members and told them. One other pupil suggested which he ended up being experiencing a deal that is great of as his mama have been very sick.

Pertaining (just what exactly?)

In hindsight, my reaction to this case had not been efficient. As Smith (2019) says, step one whenever coping with non-contributors in an organization task must be to question them if they’re experiencing any conditions that could be stopping all of them from completely adding to the task. This will have permitted all of them to state any issues or dilemmas that they had, which, as Lopez (2017) suggests, is a much better kick off point for a effective discussion than you start with fault and anger. Based on the McCloud style of efficient team work (2012), it is necessary at the start of any team task to motivate each person in the team to add some ideas, also to enable folks the chance to choose which areas of the task most readily useful fit their abilities. If my pal and I also had expected one other two just exactly what their particular skills had been, and offered all of them the chance to choose which areas of the task they desired to work with, this could have resulted in all of all of them feeling more focused on the project and so setting up more energy. About this situation earlier in the project, and we may have been able to find a suitable solution if we had taken more time at the beginning of the project to build trust between the group members, he may have felt write my essay more comfortable to tell us. This really is sustained by Rogers & Lee (2011), just just just who declare that trust between team users is vital to make sure efficient interaction throughout any task.

Showing (so what now?)

In the future group jobs, i am going to make sure within our meeting that is first we collectively as an organization in the standard principles which our team will observe with regards to interaction and decision-making. I might additionally advise some kind of enjoyable activity that is ice-breaking permits the team users to make it to understand one another more straightforward to assist develop trust. This will ideally enable team users to feel safe to state any issues they will have throughout the task. Also, if things weren’t going really throughout the task, in place of accusing or anyone that is blaming I would personally ask the team people if every thing had been alright, and inquire whether there is certainly any such thing i really could do in order to assist them to making use of their an element of the task. In the event that combined team people try not to feel criticised, they’d ideally feel more inspired to place energy in to the task. Overall, showing with this team project happens to be incredibly useful because it has actually permitted us to better understand just why the group failed to work well collectively, and it has offered myself some ideas into the way I could enhance the group’s overall performance in every future tasks.