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Purchase Module

The Purchase module provides an easy way for businesses to order and purchase products for use in production and for sale. It automates the processes of identifying potential suppliers, negotiating price, awarding purchase order to the supplier, and billing processes. Purchase module is tightly integrated with the inventory control and production planning modules.

Purchase module take care of all the process that are part of the procurement of items & raw material.Purchase module consist of all functionality like: –

  1. Purchase Budget ➜We can fix budget in terms of quantity, price in cost center master.
    2.Purchase Requisition Slip➜PRS obtained from planning to procure materials.
    3. Vendor Information ➜ Vendor Details and assessment are stored in account master.
    4. Purchase Order ➜ PO can be generated based on the purchase requisition slip, which can generate PO for items based on minimum stock level.



Modules highlights

  • Vendor Management
  • Purchase indent
  • Purchase requisition slip
  • Purchase Order
  • Purchase scheduling
  • Purchase Bill Book
  • Purchase Return
  • Purchase Planning
  • Computing material requirement
  • Recording payment terms in PO


Reports generated by this Module

  • Item Wise Purchase- Between two dates
  • Party Wise Purchases- Between two dates
  • Purchase Reports between two dates
  • Rejection Statement- Part wise &Party wise
  • Cost center purchase details
  • Purchase Requisition detail
  • Effective purchase price list- Part wise &Party wise
  • Purchase order day book
  • Pending purchase order
  • Purchase schedule v/s supply