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MIS Module

The MIS module also provides reports required by different teams and empowers them to make faster, efficient decisions. It also assists the management team, to get real-time information on the functioning of different departments.

The information described the firm or one of the major systems in terms of what has happened in past? What is happening now? And what is likely to happen in the future. This information is made available in the form of periodic report, special report, and outputs of mathematical simulation. MIS modules help to the generated many types of reports in the organization: –

  • Sales Analysis report (Branch Wise).
  • Sales Analysis report (Group Wise).
  • Sales Analysis report (Customer Wise).
  • Sale trend (party wise).
  • Debtors&Creditors Ageing with Drill Down to Invoice Level.
  • Stock Turnover Sales (Branch Wise).
  • Stock Ageing Report.
  • Operation& Productionreport (Production Centre Wise).
  • Monthly Production&Plan(Dispatch Analysis).
  • Invoice performance tracker report.
  • Monthly debtors outstanding report.
  • Monthly creditors outstanding report.
  • Monthly party collection report (party wise).
  • Sale detail report (product wise).
  • Monthly sale dispatch report (party wise).
  • Sale shedulev/s supply(party wise).
  • Part production detail.
  • Store stock report.
  • Inventory detail party wise.
  • Machine utilization report.