Miami University has got the label that everybody is really a spoiled preppy rich kid.

Miami University has got the label that everybody is really a spoiled preppy rich kid.

every person stores entirely at J. Crew, Polo and Banana Republic. You won’t get anybody perhaps maybe perhaps not using Sperry’s, or in the wintertime, duck boots. Everyone lives away from Daddy’s cash and blindly follows whatever he states.

While these stereotypes aren’t totally real (there certainly are really a number that is good of individuals at Miami), you can find absolutely a finite of guys you’re planning to fulfill in the hookup scene. In reality, there are about eight dudes that are different likely to encounter at Miami University and right right here these are typically.

1. The “Yeah I’m in Farmer” Guy

This person expects intercourse regarding the night that is first. He just discusses their summer time internship with Deloitte. He surely wears a Comfort Colors shirt towards the pubs. He will pay the $6 address to Brick with Daddy’s cash. And, needless to say, he voted for Trump and it isn’t ashamed to acknowledge it either.

2. The “You Thought He Liked You But He Simply Wanted Your System” Guy

With this particular guy you actually remain up in to the wee hours associated with the early morning dealing with absolutely nothing but every thing. He states he’ll check out you over J-term (then, clearly, he does not). You are going on belated runs to Pulley together night. He shacks up with another woman at brand New prior to you. He allows you to feel psychotic for thinking it absolutely was significantly more than a hookup. In which he states “can we nevertheless be buddies though?” but then never texts you straight back.

3. The “Idk Men, I Believe He’s Gay” Guy

He green giant singles actually dresses impeccably. But he compliments your top, maybe perhaps not your boobs. He works at a Kofenya. You truly enjoy hanging out with him. He expects a cooler and nothing else for his formal.

4. The “Beer Goggles” Man

You simply speak with him as soon as your 1.5 trashcans in. You don’t make eye contact if you see one another at King. you realize his beverage purchase, not their major. You’ve never seen their space using the lights on.

5. The “Loyal Follower” Guy

This person can help you together with your MBI 111 homework. He sas joked about kissing you underneath the arch, but is it certainly a tale. He most definitely takes care of you first. He constantly picks you up at another frat if you want to be walked house. He might be comfortable, although not exciting.

6. The Lap” that is“Victory Guy

He’s covering all the bases this right time around. He understands his time is restricted, so gets right to the purpose. He’ll just take you to definitely Paesanos, maybe perhaps not Pulley. He recalls whenever Shriver had been the pupil center. He’s switched their major 3 times.

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7. The “Friends Whom Find Out” Man

You need to always check their insta him to make sure he doesn’t have a girlfriend before you text. It’s ok to connect on time four of the shaving routine. You may expect a higher five later. You separate the bill at QB. You know he’ll never ask you to be their gf plus it’s probably better by doing this.

8. The “Second String Hockey Player” Guy

He’s got VIP at Brick and it is plainly underage. He constantly wears their jersey away. He kicks you down early because he’s got practiced at 8 a.m. He swears he’ll begin a few weeks.

That are the kinds of guys you attach with at Miami University? Inform us into the reviews!
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