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Inventory Management Module

Inventory Management Module(IMM):- IMM is a mechanism use for tracking inventory levels, orders, sales and dispatches. It can also be used in the manufacturing industries to create a job order, bill of materials(BOM) and other production-related documents. All Companies use inventory management mechanism to avoid product extra stockages. It is a tool for organizing all the inventory related data.

With the help of Inventory management module any one can easily track the stock of item.  All the Items can be defined by unique partnumber. Using that unique part number-based inventory system any one can keep track of any item and also trace its current location in the organization.

✦ Goodsreceived note (GRN)➜ To receive material from suppliers on behalf of pending PO.
✦Material receipt➜To receive the material in store.
✦Material issue Indent ➜Create indent to Issue material.
✦Material issue➜Issue material from store on behalf of indent.
✦ Delivery Challan ➜ Delivery Challan is created to send the material out side from organization.
✦ Stock Ledger ➜ View the stock in ledger-Stock inhand.

Modules Highlights

  • Procurement Management
  • Internal & Warehouse Stock Transfer
  • Multiple Units of Measurements.
  • Stock Valuation
  • Lot &Serial No. Tracking
  • Supplier Management
  • Purchase Register
  • Purchase Returns
  • Rate Difference &Price Drop
  • Procurement Budget & Control
  • Inventory Reconciliation
  • Purchase Order
  • Purchase Order (Service)


Reports generated by this Module

  • Stock report of Inward Stock and Finished Product Stocks.
  • Stock in hand.
  • Stores stock valuation.
  • Minimum Stock Level and Maximum Stock Level for Parts and Products.
  • Stock level indicators.
  • Goods Return for items.
  • Sales Return for Products.
  • store stock report