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Enterprises Management System (EMS):-

ERP Solution by Hex

The first product offered to the industrial customer base by Hex, was Enterprise Management Studio.The organisation was set up and established around this very product.The initial years went into the building up and streamlining the product as it stands today.The knowledge learned from enterprises from multiple sectors and varied processes, turnovers and sizes , were all in built inside EMS.EMS now is a standard in itself from many small scale industries , which streamline their processes from the knowledge applied in the product.The variety of modules and flows , along with the latest reformations and functionalities , enables a smooth and satisfied customer experience all around.

Power and Future of EMS:-

The power of EMS lies in the following :

  • Complete package, supporting all the business processes
  • Developed using the latest tools and technology platforms available
  • Commercially suited for organisation of all sizes
  • Supports and customisations available on demand
  • Industrial reformations and process improvements continuously integrated

The new features in development surrounding the EMS are:

  • Taking it to mobile platform
  • Incorporating Hawkeye and other automation products for accuracies
  • Reaching down to per user basis subscriptions

ERP Modules