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Hex BSS founded in 2006 and product EMS was offered as its first commercial product to the market.


Our Mission

A Future Where data is fully leveraged so that both humanity and sustainability thrive.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Putting data to work to enable autonomous, connected ecosystems that boost efficiency.


Providing Best Business Solution For
Growing Your Business


We Have More Than 20+ Years Practical Experience

Hex Business Software Solution was founded by Mr. Deep Dua , Graduated from YMCA Engineering College , in electronics engineering. He initially worked for Automation of Hindone Airbase Air Traffic Control Department.After job , he started working for one of his alumni of college , an industrialist , provisioning computer hardware & maintenance to cater to their requirements of upcoming need of automation.During this automation phase, an opportunity came up to design software to replace some of the conventional manual processes employed by the manufacturing industries.

Hex BSS founded in 2006 and product EMS was offered as its first commercial product to the market.Studying the various processes involved and designing automated flows to suit the users, majorly unskilled as computers an inaccessible and advanced tech at the time.The initial industrial planning software was developed with Sales , Purchase & Invoicing modules only.Its successful integration in an industry and positive responses, led to studying even more areas and processes for automations and pursuing this as a business.
Practical Experience

Our Core Values That Make
Us Professional


Quality Services

We scale with your business as it evolves!


Planning & Strategy

Ready to deploy and customised business software solutions to help businesses in India keep up with the digital revolution.


Clients Satisfaction

Scale up and adopt to evolving business models.


Independent Staff

Real time access to intelligent analytics is the USP of our business software solutions. Helping businesses leverage the power of business intelligence.